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About Us

Bodsat Prep Owners

Justin and Megan came together in Bodsat Prep because in their individual work they recognized that different students need different types of coaching.
Megan deVries, CEO & Master Tutor

"I tell my students, 'This is your journey.' Too many educators only teach with the methods that worked for them. Your education is yours. Understanding what you want and how you learn empowers you to find and follow a successful and meaningful life path. That does not mean you will never do anything that you would prefer not to do or that everything will come easily. That's where I can support you." -Megan

Outside of Bodsat Prep, Megan provides academic and motivational tutoring as well as educational consulting. She tutors in most subjects from beginning reading to college-level calculus including general homework support and test preparation for ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, ACT, SAT, APs, GRE, and GMAT. For more information about Megan, visit AboutYouEd.com.

Justin Sigars, Founder & Master Tutor

"My goal has always been to empower my students to take advantage of opportunities previous generations could only dream of. Whether I was teaching Shakespeare and composition at UC Berkeley, or co-founding the Bay Area Tutoring Summit, or starting three educational companies, or writing curriculum for many others—self-realization has been the common thread. I came to focus on test prep because it is a wonderful educational vehicle (though it is rarely used as such). Specifically, 25 years in education has taught me that the best test prep must be holistic, performance-based, metacognitive and collaborative. Not only does our model lead to great scores, but the process is designed to be educationally transformational."

Outside of Bodsat Prep, Justin coaches students privately on all sections of the SAT, ACT, AP Lit/Lang, GRE, LSAT and GMAT, as well as on composition, literature enrichment, and application essays. Learn more about Justin at his website justinsigars.com.

Our Team

Nina Iyengar, Tutor & Head Teacher

Nina is a true advocate for students and a remarkable educator. She has been preparing students and training teachers for the SAT/ACT since 2010 and has a special talent for supporting gifted students. A graduate of Boston University in Psychology, English, and Women's Studies and UCLA's School of Law, Nina is organized, proactive, approachable, and incredibly multi-faceted. She has been leading Bodsat Prep seminars for five years and is the only teacher Megan and Justin trust to lead seminars beside themselves.

Outside of Bodsat Prep, Nina works on behalf of her community as a government attorney and has spent years advocating for foster youth and victims of violence.

Megan Burstein, Program Director

We began trying to hire Megan Burstein roughly five years before she was able to leave her former position to join Bodsat Prep; she's that awesome! Megan manages registrations, material creation, student progress, and Bodsat's internal systems. Megan's attention to detail, efficiency, and professionalism enable her to support our students, their families, and their college counseling teams as well as our internal teams. She is an incredible asset.

Outside of Bodsat Prep, Megan keeps busy with her family in her roles as swim mom, soccer mom, softball mom, and rescue dog mom.